Coaching with Nicky has been really beneficial. I was able to set some clear goals, process them and make some clear steps towards the realization of those goals.

During the coaching I was able to process some of my limiting beliefs that had been holding me back and the effect they were having and replace them with more resourceful ones. This has helped with the decision-making process that I was struggling with. It also showed me that I am a powerful individual in charge of my life.

Nicky has been a great coach, really involved and supportive, coaching me with great skills through the change. Bozena Plaza


Coaching has made a significant impact on me. It has given me a direction on how to achieve self-confidence and has given me encouragement to work toward it. Nicky made me feel comfortable, listened to, supported and accepted. Coaching helped me to understand myself better and enabled me to look at things from a more positive perspective.

Nicky helped me to move towards my main goal by breaking it down into smaller steps and therefore I did not feel overwhelmed by it. I am now able to challenge myself step by step. I have taken away valuable lessons, ideas and tips on how to achieve my personal goal and stay motivated in the process. Dara De Casa


Nicky was an attentive, professional and supportive coach throughout our coaching sessions. I immediately felt comfortable exploring some of my personal goals with Nicky.

When I came to the session with a bigger goal, Nicky was excellent at helping me to break it down into much more manageable steps. Nicky was brilliant at exploring the reality of my situation with me and I subsequently generated more options than I would have thought of without having Nicky there as my coach.

What I really enjoyed about Nicky’s coaching style was the way in which she provided evidence-based feedback and summarised what I had said. This made me feel like she was truly listening to what I was saying throughout our coaching sessions. Nicky’s use of challenging questions assisted me in thinking about what it was that I really wanted to achieve and whether the goals I set in the sessions were challenging enough for me.

Thank you for being a fantastic coach Nicky Lorna


Nicky’s coaching helped build confidence and assertiveness and furthered my personal development in the following two areas:

1. My new consultancy business

  • Making the right choices particularly over design of my website.
  • Asking the right questions
  • Promoting the business
  • Presentation of self and establishing good client relationships
  • Moving forward and making correct decisions.

2. Badminton – personal development in terms of attitude and technique

  • Overcoming disappointment and frustration
  • Building confidence
  • Determination to improve and succeed
  • Changing mindset – fostering a ‘can do’ mentality
  • Enjoyment – able to participate and play
  • Fostering a ‘team player’ attitude
Dorothy Cook

West Sussex (Business Owner)

Nicky was always very approachable and empathetic during our coaching sessions. She made me feel safe which allowed me to open up and talk about my feelings. She enabled me to explore the real reasons I was holding back in some areas of my life and the sessions helped me to come to some tough conclusions.

Nicky never flustered and always remained poised and professional whilst displaying a very caring nature. She is a wonderful coach! Louise Docherty


I was working on building/starting up my coaching business with Nicky.

I must say that, I greatly benefited through Nicky’s coaching. My confidence and productivity grew leaps and bounds.
Nicky was very intuitive, insightful and knew when to challenge me and hold me accountable. This really empowered me and made it possible for me to construct my thinking more clearly than it used to be. Nicky also helped me to break away from some self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

Thank you very much for helping me and all the very best to you Nicky Amodika

South Wales/Sri Lanka

I approached Nicky asking for her help with preparations for a work redundancy and coping with the stress associated with that. Nicky was very supportive and helped me towards making my future plans and decisions.

She has also coached me on preparations for a new job search and interviews. Nicky supported me when I was getting really stressed, and helped me to get back on the right track. I strongly recommend her coaching services. Kristina Zliobate



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