Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Unforeseen Circumstances creeping up on you.

You started the day well, up and ready for the first appointment. However, just as you are about to leave the house, you get an unexpected phone call which slows you down. You then rush out of the house, get into your car and speed off to your first appointment.

As you are driving along you wonder whether you put your phone in your bag. Then the realisation that you actually left it on charge from the night before in the living room. You also remember you need to stop to draw out some cash for the car park. You get the cash and then purchase a small item from the shop aking for the change in £1 coins. All goes to plan and you are on your way to the first appointment.

You arrive at your first destination a bit stressed but feeling ok.  You end up driving around for 10 minutes waiting for a car park space. Finally, someone reverses out and you indicate quickly and claim the spot.

On a role now, you just need a ticket then make your way to the top floor for your appointment. You take out your £1 coins and begin to insert them one by one. Three go through but the last two are rejected and come back down the chute. You hear yourself talking to the machine knowing full well it can’t understand a word you are saying. You go through the process three times unsuccessfully and are left feeling totally bamboozled. However, your faith in humankind is restored, when a gentleman agrees to swap your old coin for a new one. Then hey presto the machine rejoices and throws out your long-awaited ticket!

You get to your appointment only a few minutes late, but feeling pretty good after all the hold ups. However, instead of being called through you find yourself waiting and fidgeting, watching the clock tick away minute by minute. All you can then think about is your next appointment and whether the delay will cause you to be late. Finally, you get seen, but then an emergency comes up and you are left waiting for an hour. You begin to think about ways to reduce your time at this appointment to free you up for the next. A distraction of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on the menu, bolster your appetite as you fill out the card.

Finally, appointment over, lunch consumed, you scurry off to the car park, only to find a que to get out and you are blocked in. After a 10-point manoeuvre to get out of your space, you zoom off to your next destination.

Without thinking you miss your preferred car park and find yourself the wrong end of town. You then have a 10-minute dash to get to your destination. Out of breath and with the smell of sweaty odour and bedraggled state, you mutter an apology for arriving late. So much for good first impressions. You then have to engage in endless conversation, when all you want to do is fall asleep. Finally, appointment over, you then head back home, exhausted and ready for bed. Glad you had a roast dinner at lunchtime, so no need to cook this evening.

With cup of tea in one hand you plonk yourself on to the sofa – peace at last! Normally, you would be grumpy, but mulling over your day two words come to mind ‘Unforeseen circumstances.’  There is nothing you could have done to change these circumstances – they were out of your control. You smile, enjoying your cup of tea, and sinking further into the soft cushions on the sofa.

Sound all too familiar? How do you ‘react or respond’ to days like that? Do they turn you into a Jekyll and Hyde? Do you become a Frankenstein monster? Or do you recognise the unforeseen circumstances, those beyond your control? Do you sit there playing the record over again, trying to figure out what you could have done differently? Or are you able to let it all go – the circumstances never belonged to you anyway. You didn’t instigate them. You couldn’t plan for them. They affected your day – but they don’t have to affect you as a person!

In summary, why waste all your energy on unforeseen circumstances when you could be making a difference elsewhere? What is on your heart or mind? What can you influence or change? Where can you make a difference? What steps will you take to achieve this? Everyone has a skillset or gifts unique to them and we all have a purpose and destiny – what is yours?

Remember, you are not defined by your current circumstances. You have greatness on the inside of you.

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